A Little About Me...




Candice Moll is an Australian actor who has been performing professionally since the age of 14.​


Well known in her home city of Adelaide, her acting career took off with her starring role in the top rating international children’s television program ‘The Fairies’. The show airs in 9 different countries around the world and as the character of Harmony she has entertained children all over Australia with ‘The Fairies Live on Stage’. The Fairies DVDs can also be found in the USA at Walmart and Barnes & Noble and are available for rent across the country at Red Box and on Amazon Prime.


Candice's stage performances also include the USA national tour of the iconic 'Peppa Pig Live' where as the playful host 'Daisy' she lead the singing, dancing, games and many audience interation moments. Other shows inclue the musical theatre show of 'South Pacific' and performances at Universal Studios Japan including 'Peter Pans Neverland' starring as Wendy, the award winning 'Magical Starlight Parade' starring as Alice in Wonderland, and the 'Land of OZ' where she entertained thousands of children with an interactive show starring as Dorothy.​​


As a performer Candice’s experience doesn’t stop with her acting. She's also an accomplished singer, who has been singing professionally since the age of 17. Her experience includes a range of different pop cover bands around Australia, musical showcases in Japan and cabaret in the USA. She discovered a love for country music when she teamed up with established guitarist/singer/songwriter Willie McRae, and together they explored the magical world of old school country tunes with country duets ranging from George Jones and Tammy Wynette through to modern country pop like Shania Twain. In the studio Candice's experince ranges from well loved country tunes to childrens nursery rhymes to melodic hooks written by hip hop producer Ivan 'Instigate' Pacheco.


Candice’s vocal abilities extend past that of music, as she has taken the time to master the art of voice over and audio book narration. Spending regular time in the studio Candice’s voice over credits include the character narration of the Universal Studios Japan attraction DVD and the audio book version of 'Love With A Chance of Drowning' by Torre DeRoche, among others. And of course we can’t forget “The Fairies” story time segments where Candice has entertained millions with her gentle narration and exciting character voices.​​


And just to top it off we can't forget about the swing dancing! Candice took up Swing Dancing as a hobby shortly after high school and has never looked back. Her skills quickly rose to a professional level and it became yet another source of entertainment for her audiences as she mixed up her styles between Lindy-Hop, Blues and Balboa. With a love for swing music and the history of the dance she has wowed crowds across Australia, Japan, UK and the USA with dips, tricks and spins from the old days!


​​Candice currently lives in Los Angeles.