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Writing & Production

Candice Moll is a skilled screenwriter with experience in writing comedy, drama, and pre-school TV. Her most notable screenwriting credit includes the hit children’s TV show The Fairies which airs in several countries worldwide and is available on Amazon Prime in the USA.



With a love and passion for children’s entertainment Candice teamed up with writer Anthony O’Donohue to create a YouTube series for pre-schoolers.

G’day Let’s Play is a show that focuses on social education and self-compassion, teaching children how to show love to others and also how to be kind to themselves.

The series includes bedtime episodes Sleepy Time Tales with Candy, in which Candice reads her original children’s bedtime stories and sings her original lullaby ‘Drift Off To Dreamland' (co-written with Noel Fabian Dragon and Nick Fabian)


Candice hosts her own all ages YouTube channel where she teaches viewers to speak English with an Australian dialect. Australian Accent Tips is a channel that includes

tutorial-style videos as well as fun and informative information about Australian Culture. A perfect source of edu-tainment for anyone interested in all things Aussie. 

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